Our story

At Bush Medijina, we use knowledge that has been passed down from our mothers, grandmothers, aunties and elders to harvest bush produce on our country to make our unique range of body products.

Our Country
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From beach to bush, our freshly picked produce uses our traditional knowledge blended with a range of Organic Essential Oils and soap bases from Aloe Vera to Oatmeal, Goats Milk to Shae Butter. You will find something to suit whether its soothing irritable skin or simply cleansing your worries away, our soaps are sure to make a special gift or addition to your own daily routine.



Our Body Balms soothe the mind, skin and soul. Our Breathe Easy & Calm Balm range uses hand-picked produce that our ancestors have used for generations to ease stress, headaches and common colds, whilst our Skin Sanity & Soothe is perfect for easing those little skin irritations. Both ranges are a valuable addition to your travel, camping or first aid kit, and with a hint of Organic Essential Oils they are equally as lovely in your home for everyday use.


Gift packs

Reap the rewards of truly unique, earthy gifts that sow so much more than their ingredients? We hand collect, make and package all our products for our gift packs with traditional indigenous knowledge, care and love. We share a little of our values in each gift and want you to know that we are good and honest hard-working women, mothers, daughters and grandmothers. If you enjoy your gift, please let us know, and better still, tell a friend so our business can grow.

Gift Packs

Our Future

Our future is bright because we believe in ourselves and know that there are others who do too. We have experienced a real and genuine demand for our product from people who are interested in our story and our culture.

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